William Light

Rotterdam, NL

I am a software engineer with full-stack experience ranging from front-end web development in Javascript to in-kernel embedded system-on-chip audio drivers. Having built everything from synthesisers to end-to-end encrypted messengers, I can handle broadly scoped features and projects, managing everything from front-end to back-end considerations and anything in between. As a self-taught developer, I'm always learning and adapting, and I can easily work in new languages and frameworks, taking very little time to get up to speed.

With my approachable and easygoing personality, I also work well as a liaison between development teams, and I have a talent for explaining even arcane technical subjects in easy-to-understand terms.

I have a keen interest and experience in high-performance, low latency applications, and have applied this in a number of real-time audio DSP projects. I am particularly interested in concurrency and parallelism, and have experience building lock-free and wait-free data structures.


C, Python, Rust, C++, Ruby, Objective-C, Javascript + HTML/CSS


Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, macOS, Windows, ST31 Embedded


POSIX/Unix, OpenGL 3.x, JACK, Steinberg VST2/VST3, Apple AudioUnit, Xlib/XCB, Linux kernel (driver development), libuv, AppKit/Cocoa, waf

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